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Sip & Shop FAQ

1. What happens at a Shardaé Collections Sip & Shop?

A Shardaé Collections Sip & Shop gives women the chance to have fun, laugh, and learn in a safe environment. Our consultant will show you the latest lingerie items we have in stock, as well as premium lubricants and sex toys. After the presentation, each guest will have the opportunity to ask questions and order in private.

2. How long does the Sip & Shop last?

Your sip & shop can lasts about three hours. It might be shorter or longer, depending on how many questions you have for the Consultant—and how much fun you have!

3. Can men attend the Sip & Shop?
ABSOLUTELY!!!!! We encourage Co-Ed parties as it brings more spice and fun to the atmosphere, while at the same time allowing couples to learn together about the different bedroom options they have when spicing up their love life.

4. What is the shopping process like?

All shopping is 100% confidential. It takes place separate from the party and the rest of the guests. There you can ask any questions you have about the products, and everything will be kept confidential.

5. Do I get my products that night or will it be mailed to me?

If the consultant have enough of the inventory on hand the night of your party then you be able to take them home that night. If your Consultant does not have a product in stock, your products will be mailed to you directly to within 5 to 10 business days. 

6. Who should I invite?

Everyone! The more the merrier. 

7. What is the benefit of hosting a Sip & Shop with Shardaé Collections?

When you host a party with us, you earn a free hostess gift and 50% off any item of your chosing, if your party spends $200 or more during the party. 

8. What if I need assistance with planning out my Sip & Shop?

 Upon confirming your date and time with the consultant, a host packet will be emailed to you directly to help with organizing your party. 

9. Are minors allowed at the Sip & Shop?

No one under the age of 18 years old should be at the party, 

10. What if I need to cancel or reschedule my Sip & Shop?

Because our consultants are not being paid for conducting the party, but gets paid off commission, it is important that if you need to cancel or reschedule your party, that you please do so well in advance so another party can be booked in time and yours can be rescheduled.